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Tales From My Dark Side - Friday, November 09, 2012
hello out there

Its been so long since I've been here to post anything. I'm a little surprised my blog is still here. I don't know if anyone even reads it anymore. I laugh now at all of my old posts, when I realize how far back they go into my history. I will post more later when I get onto a decent keyboard... blogging from a smartphone just isn't the same.

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Tales From My Dark Side - Thursday, May 11, 2006

I love spring. The former owners of my house were kind enough to plant some nice flowers.  Unfortunately my flowers are apparently so nice, that someone liked them enough to cut off a few of them and make them their own.  How rude.  Angry   It doesn't matter that I planned on cutting a few myself to give to my Mom for Mother's Day, the thief probably cut off the best looking ones. I took pictures of my flowers today, just in case any more of them go missing.  At least I can enjoy the pictures long after the flowers are done blooming, or long after someone else decides to take them home.  Oh well, I guess that's the price you pay for living so close to the street.


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Tales From My Dark Side - Thursday, October 13, 2005
Hey honey we're home...

After looking at houses all summer we've finally found one we REALLY want to buy. It has 3 bedrooms, a paved driveway, a garage and big beautiful maple trees in the front and back yard. The inside needs some work, but there's plenty of potential in this gorgeous 80 year old home with its antique mouldings and baseboards.  When we first made our offer we told the realtor that what ever it takes we want it.  We did a tour of the house on Monday, our offer got faxed through to the lawyers on Tuesday, and on Wednesday we met with the mortgage broker to put the purchase in motion.  We're just waiting to hear back from the bank.


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Tales From My Dark Side - Tuesday, September 13, 2005
Sweet Whispers

Use song titles to describe yourself.

The Wallflowers 

Are you female or male:: Josephine  
Describe yourself::  I Wish I Felt Nothing
How do some people feel about you::  One Headlight
How do you feel about yourself::  Invisible City 
Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend:: 6th Avenue Heartache 
Describe where you want to be::  The Difference
Describe what you want to be::  Three Marlenas
Describe how you live::  Angel on My Bike
Describe how you love:: Laughing out Loud
Share a few words of wisdom::  God Don't Make Lonely Girls 

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House Hunting Part II

*****Update: October 13th, 2005
Well they didn't accept Kevin's offer, and now we're glad they didn't. *bbbpppppft* The house was cute, but way too small. The guy still wants $70,000 for only half a house.


Kevin and I have viewed at least 6 houses in our area and so far they've all been either too small or too big. While viewing the realtor's website a few weeks back I came across a cute little "looks just like half a split-entry" house just outside of town that seemed out of our price range, so while I stored it in the back of my mind we kept looking for something else. But after visiting other houses and seeing our disappointment grow more with each one, we asked the real estate agent about the tiny "half-a" house and wondered when we could view it.  If it weren't for the 1.49 acres, and large garage out back we probably wouldn't have given the place a second thought.  Kevin immediately saw the potential to put an addition on the house and double the value, and after viewing both the house and garage inside and out we made an offer.  Although the house is tiny, it's solidly built. We were most impressed with the garage/workshop out back that must be easily worth a lot of money. We're still waiting to hear back from the realtor to find out whether the man who owns the place will accept our offer of $50,000.

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Tales From My Dark Side - Tuesday, August 30, 2005
House hunting

***Update: October 13, 2005

We made an offer on the house afterall. Or at least we suggested what the house was REALLY worth, but they turned us down. So foooey on them... We found a better house so nyaaah! 


Kevin and I are looking for somewhere to live with more space.  Our one bedroom apartment suddenly becomes way too small when his daughters come to visit on the weekend.  A two bedroom apartment would be ok, but we'd much rather have a house. There are at least a dozen houses for sale in our area but only 3 or so in our price range. We've looked at a couple of them, and although they're both rather small, one of them has caught our interest.  It has two bedrooms, but the second bedroom is still too small to be anything more than an office. On the plus side, it's freshly painted throughout, the bathroom has been redone, and the appliances (fridge, stove, and dishwasher) are included. The house is vacant and was a bank reposession, and since the bank is eager to sell, it's being fixed up and made fit to buy. We drove by the house this evening and all the lights were on, and there were several vehicles in the driveway; so I guess the work is continuing. I hope they fix the plumbing problem... (the pipes froze and split back in Dec.).. including the holes in the livingroom wall and bathroom floor.  If it weren't for those issues Kevin might have made an offer right away.

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Tales From My Dark Side - Saturday, May 14, 2005
Of all the things I'll do today, I'll like doing Kevin the most....

My Kevin

Kevin and his two daughters, Amber and Leanne at Victoria Park in Truro, Nova Scotia.


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Tales From My Dark Side - Tuesday, April 05, 2005
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?...

Hi everybody,

I guess 3 months was a long enough wait for a new post.  Y'all must be itchin' to find out wha's been happnin'.  Well I quit my job at the call center after my six weeks of training was up.  The stress of being tied to my phone all day while trying to fix customers' complaints, finally got to me and I needed out.  As it was I was facing a shift change that would put me working til 2am, as well as receiving coaching for my lackluster sales performance.  The pressure to make a sale with every call was really chaffing my hide.  Although I quit my job back in February, the company continued to pay me every 2 weeks up until the 24th of March.  I suppose the last few paychecks were just vacation pay, and whatever bonuses I might have accrued during my six weeks with the call center.  I really got a kick out of the whopping bonus they gave me on the 24th of March of $1.24.  I just had to giggle at the pay stub when it came in the mail.  I wonder how many other people quit after their training was up?  I bet the prospect of working nights for the next six months gave many people second thoughts. *sigh* I'll miss the pay though. I was due to receive a dollar/hour pay raise if I stuck with it.  But anyway it's all over and done now, and there's nothing I can do about it.  Moving on to ther things....  I'm still living with Kevin, and April 2nd marked our 4th month together.  As a Valentine's Day Morph present he gave me an engagement ring. Engagement Ring   We're hoping to get married next year, though we haven't set a date yet.  Back in March my sisters, Mom and I headed into the Halifax Casino for my sister Kim's birthday weekend. It's kind of a tradition I guess, since this was the 3rd Casino/Birthday trip we've taken.  I had fun, but I would have enjoyed myself more if Kevin could have gone with us.  He's never been to the Casino, and I wanted so badly to introduce it to him. I didn't win any money while I was there, but for me the best part of these trips was always going to the liquor store and then going back to the room to have a good time.  Also I looked forward to dressing up and going out for Kim's birthday dinner.  This year we just bought KFC and went back to the room instead.  That saved us money in the long run, but I still missed the atmosphere of having a nice dinner out with the girls.  When the weekend in Halifax was over,  and since it was such a beautiful day I convinced Kevin to take his daughters out for a nice Sunday drive.  There was a car for sale out in Fall River that Kevin had wanted to take a look at, so I figured a drive out by the lake on a sunny Sunday afternoon would be a nice way to fill up some time before he had to take his girls home again.  He ended up buying a different car a couple of weeks later. 

Yesterday was my sister Krista's birthday, and when she dropped by to visit today she invited me out shopping.  I guess she's anxious to spend the birthday money she received. 
Well that's about all for now I guess, I want to grab some lunch before my sister comes to pick me up in about half an hour.

TA TA...

P.S. (Happy Belated Birthday Heather...  I missed your birthday on the 13th.)

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Tales From My Dark Side - Saturday, January 15, 2005
Thankyou for calling Sprint, My name is ______, How may I help you today?

Last week I started training at my new job at a call center.  I work for Convergys, they handle accounts for Sprint PCS in the United States.  So the next time you call into Sprint with questions about your account, you just might be talking to me. :)   Although I'm still in training for the rest of the month, I'm anxious to get out on the production floor and handle some customer calls.  I still have a lot of learning to do when it comes to customer Bills, which we'll be going into next week, but after listening in on a few phone calls on Friday afternoon I'm itching to talk to real customers instead of just computer simulated ones.  This past week and a half my training class and I have been forced into information overload.  We all need to be completely versed in Sprint PCS procedures, devices/handsets, customer account handling, and courteous customer service.  And with a passing mark of 85% for the training course, we're all under a lot of pressure to succeed.  I overheard on Friday that about 90% of the trainees from past training courses drop out after their 2nd week of production because they can't handle the customers.  I'm not letting that intimidate me though, because the more training I do, the more I find I'm enjoying the job.  I love to help people, so I'm going to do my best to do so, before I have to escalate a call to a supervisor or other customer service rep.  I hope most of my training class passes the course, so that I'll automaticaly have at least 15 friends at the company.  Although I'm looking forward to ending my training, it's the hours I'll be working that will take some getting used to.  My training classes go from 7am to 3:30pm, but my regular work hours are all going to be afternoon to after midnight shifts.  On the upside though, I won't need to get up at 5am to go to work.  My sister has also been accepted into training at Convergys. Her training doesn't start until the end of January, but hopefully we'll have some shifts together.  It would be great if we could travel together. :)

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Tales From My Dark Side - Sunday, December 12, 2004
So this is how true love feels

My relationship with Kevin D. continues to progress at lightning speed.  I've been invited to his company Christmas party on the 18th, and to his family's Christmas dinner on the 26th.  Although we've only known eachother for a week and 2 days, I spend most of my time at his apartment, sharing his bed.  Suddenly I'm his girlfriend, he's told me how much he loves me and he's anticipating me moving in.  Don't get me wrong, I'm in love with him too, but things are moving a lot faster than I expected.  I've been waiting a long time for a love like this.  In the past I'd be the one who'd fall hard for the guy and then end up broken hearted.  This time the tables are turned.  Apparently ever since our first date he's been head over heels, totally and utterly smitten with me.  I was quite surprised when the news came back to me from the rumour mill.  We seem to be the latest piece of juicy gossip.  If it weren't December, and so close to Christmas, I'd probably move in next week.  I'm waiting for all the December holiday stuff to be over first, and hope to bring some things over in January.  When I mentioned moving, my sister immediately asked me if I was going to pay half the rent.  That gave me pause.  I seriously hadn't thought about how much my share of the rent would be, and since I'm essentially umemployed and penniless... hmmmm.  Knowing how tight Kevin's money is these days, me helping out with rent would make quite a difference.  So I need to find a job, and soon.  I've already taken advantage of Kevin's generous hospitality, as well as the rest of him, and it won't be long before guilt sets in for me.  *sigh*  I'm not looking forward to bringing the rent issue up with him, because I'm pretty sure I know what he's going to say.  I'll have to put together some resumes tomorrow, and get serious about finding a job.  Moving on to other matters... Kevin has a cat that he's suddenly realized he can't keep anymore.   He wants to decorate his apartment for Christmas, with a tree and stuff, but we both know what his 6 month old holy-terror of a cat will destroy the tree. It already terrorizes the apartment at night, as well as attacking our feet while we're sleeping in bed.  So we're desperate to be rid of the silly feline before Christmas.  He's a cute little cat, and at times he can be quite friendly and fun to have around, but he can be horrible to live with at the most inconvenient times.  I don't know how Kevin could have put up with Tigger's shenanigans these past 6 months.  I've made up some "Free to a Loving Home" posters and hope to post them as soon as possible.  But we figure the quickest way to find him a new home will be to call around to different farms, hoping they will accept another barn cat.  If/when I move in sometime in January, I might be bringing one of my little dogs with me.  *AAAAAH!!*  it's just so much for me to process all at once.
Between being in love at last, meeting his family, meeting his two little daughters tomorrow, getting rid of the cat, moving in next month, and whatever else might come along.... I'm just so stressed.
Oh well, I'll just have to take each day as it comes and hope things turn out for the best.

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